8×10 “Wrinkle Free” Fabric Step and Repeat Backdrop


Our “Wrinkle Free” Tension Fabric offers a step up from our Traditional Matte Vinyl or Matte Fabric Backdrop. Tension Fabric is done through Dye Sublimation rather than being Solvent Printed. The Dye Sublimation Procedure allows the print to truly transfer into the fibers on the fabric so that they become embedded deep with in.

Dye Sublimation Tension Fabric truly unlocks your backdrops true color potential. Colors are not only Crisp and Clear, But they Saturation on the Colors is to Perfection! We also offer an 8×8 Wrinkle Free Step and Repeat as well as an 8×20 Wrinkle Free Step and Repeat.

The Tension Fabric characteristics allow the backdrop to be folded up after your event without causing any wrinkles. Typically with the Matte Vinyl or Fabric Backdrops, they would be rolled on a tube for storage which can be very bulky and hard to store.





Price: $899.99 (Includes Printing, Finishing and Hardware with a Carrying Case)

Artwork set-up for Step and Repeats are FREE for the first 3 Proofs,  Any additional changes will undergo an Artwork Charge. Pricing for Artwork varies on the order but for more information please visit our Step and Repeat Artwork page.

Typically 5-7 Day Turnaround

Rush Service (1-2 Day Turnaround): Call or Email for Availability
Same Day (Call For Availability) : Not Available
Installation Services: Starting at : $299.99 (Set-up and Break Down)

– Standard Vinyl and Fabric Display Alternative Options –

We also offer a more Traditional Step and Repeat Banner that can be produced in two different ways. The most common and basic material would be the 13oz Matte Vinyl. The Matte Vinyl allows for a non-glossy finish so you do not have excess lighting reflecting off the banner for photographs. You can also go with our 5.7oz Fabric Banner. Our Fabric allows for deep and rich logos to printed so that your Step and Repeat has a more professional look.

If you would like to view our 8×8 Vinyl Step and Repeat Backdrop or 8×8 Fabric Step and Repeat Backdrop please visit the linked page for more information! We also offer 8×10 Vinyl Step and Repeat Backdrop and 8×10 Fabric Step and Repeat Backdrop which can also be found at the linked page. All of our Step and Repeat Backdrops come with an 8×8 Stand or 8×10 Stand and have their own carrying case for easy transportation.

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