Our Step and Repeat Banners

First and foremost, Step and Repeat Banners can be described as a Vinyl or Fabric Banner that has numerous logos spread across its surface. With that being stated, We offer two different options as far as the material that we print our Step and Repeat Banners on.

First off, we have our 13oz Step and Repeat Vinyl Banner. The Step and Repeat Vinyl Banner is the most cost effective way to produce a Step and Repeat, starting a $399.99. Furthermore, The Vinyl Step and Repeat banners look great especially because we use a Matte Finish Banner. However, the inks we use do have a gloss tone to them so if light reflection is a main concern you may want to choose the Fabric Backdrop option.

Therefor, the next option is our 8oz Step and Repeat Fabric Backdrop. Although, When it comes to our Step and Repeat Fabric Backdrop, it is a higher quality finish to a Step and Repeat backdrop , starting a $449.99. As a result, The Fabric Backdrop option offers a step and repeat backdrop with minimal light reflection. Therefor, since fabric absorbs light better than vinyl, you will have a more elegant and professional Step and Repeat Backdrop.

Lastly, We also offer Tension Fabric Step and Repeats. To begin with, We have 10′ and 20′  wide Tension Fabric Media Walls that come with Hardware and a Tension Fabric Printed Banner. Tension Fabric offers a “Wrinkle Free” Solution to your Step and Repeat Display. This is the BEST SOLUTION if you are looking for a QUALITY, REUSABLE PRODUCT.

To sum it all up, The Tension Fabric is the BEST WAY TO GO option. The Vinyl Banner is the COST EFFECTIVE option. The Fabric Backdrop is the BANG FOR YOUR BUCK option.

What are Step and Repeats used for?

Furthermore, One of the best things about a Step and Repeat Backdrop is that you can add it to any event to get instant exposure and brand awareness. For Instance, When people see Step and Repeat banners the first thing they think of is taking a picture, therefor your logo will be in the background of every photo taken in front of your step and repeat banner. In our case, People live for Social Media in today’s world, which is why a Step and Repeat backdrop is the perfect way for them to show off what event they are at that day. Coincidently, Any photo of your backdrop that circles the internet offers potential for clients to call your business.

Step and Repeat Cost

We offer the Most Affordable Step and Repeat Banners and Hardware on the Market. To Start, our Adjustable and Banner Stands are quality made so that your step and repeat banner is correctly tensioned and smooth. In fact, We also offer Pocket Finishing with all of our Step and Repeats. For example, a lot of companies will use eyelets around the perimeter of the banner for hanging and then supply zip ties for installation. However, this is a very poor way to set up a Step and Repeat Banner because you see all of the zip ties around the edge of the banner. For this reason, Our pockets allow the top and bottom poles of the Adjustable Banner Stand to slide through the banner to eliminate the need for zip ties.

A Step beyond Step and Repeat Backdrops

Velvet Rope and Stanchion Rentals

To Begin, Another amazing addition to our Step and Repeat backdrops are our Velvet Rope and Stanchion Rentals. Furthermore, A Velvet Rope and Stanchions are the crowd barriers that keep fans and photographers off of the main red carpet at an event. However, with our Rope and Stanchions you do not have to worry about the runaway being flooded with people. Therefore, Not only do they help control the crowds but they also add a very professional and elegant look to your Step and Repeat Backdrop. Furthermore, we offer Black and Red Velvet Rope and Stanchion Rentals. However, Specific colors may be ordered upon request! Rentals starting at $175 (Sale Price $300)

Truss System Rentals

In addition to our Step and Repeat Stands, One of our greatest hits is actually our Truss System Rentals. For Starters, A Truss System is a common framework used for Events in order to Brand and Advertise. First, To give you an idea,  Our main Truss Rental Setup is 9′ Wide and 20′ Long. Therefore, we offer a large amount of advertising space to help you brand your event. In addition to the size, a breakdown of pricing for our Truss System Rentals can be found directly below.

  • The service includes Rental of Truss, Set up and Breakdown for $1,350. 
  • The actual fabric banner will cost $1,080. (or on 13oz Vinyl for $540)

However, Our Truss System has several different lengths it can extend to. Therefore, if you have a smaller or larger space for your event, please let us know so we can quote you accordingly! Furthermore, If you combine our Truss Rental System with our Stanchions, Velvet Rope, Red Carpet, Step and Repeat Banner and Lighting System, you will blow your audience away with our spectacular Event Truss Package! For more information, Please contact us at 305-563-9948 


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